Internet Marketing – PPC Tips to get Quality Score

PPC and SEO services are the topmost trending Search Engine Marketing strategies on the web. To extract the maximum benefits from a constantly swelling traffic on the internet, focusing on these two services is a must.

What is PPC?

PPC implies Pay-per-click.  In this service, the owner of the website pays for every click which takes customers to the landing page of the website.

In other words, this is a service which lets you drive the traffic to your website by making you pay for every click on your website’s advertisement. Google AdWords is a great tool for PPC marketing.

 What is the Quality score?

Nowadays, the most popular SEO packages extend AdWords PPC services. The cost per click or CPC is the cost borne by the owner in the process of earning the traffic. This cost can vary from high to low depending on your quality score.

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This score is a cumulative count on a scale of 1 to 10, maintained by Google based on multiple parameters. These parameters are tracked by monitoring your history on the Google AdWords tool. A quality score near to 10 can significantly reduce your CPC, giving you a much better ROI figure.

Difference between PPC and SEO services:

While both PPC and SEO services are relatively used for marketing on the internet, there are clear-cut distinctions between them in terms of cost of service, impact and time of reflection. PPC is expensive in comparison to the SEO services. The impact of PPC services is short-termed in contrast to the long-lasting impacts of an SEO marketing strategy. In terms of time of reflection, PPC gives instantaneous results while an SEO approach reflects gradually and requires patience.

 Strategies to boost your Quality score:

Work on your Landing page:

Merely choosing appropriate SEO packages which offer AdWords PPC marketing service is not enough. To optimize the click to business conversion ratios, a website needs to have an effective landing page. For best results, consider clubbing PPC services with an SEO optimized landing page. Always remember to make your landing page relatable to the advertisement so that the visitors can connect the dots clearly.

Focus on Keywords:

Google AdWords follows a PPC oriented model. Choosing appropriate keywords and bidding on the selective, profitable ones is an indispensable art to be learned. Spreading keywords in the content should be absolutely flawless, distributed and should not appear to be meaningless stuffing. Spending considerable time in researching on apt keywords can bear great fruits in the future.

Display Relevant Content:

The quality of the content should never be compromised. The website should uphold content which justifies its pre-defined goals aptly. Repetition, plagiarism and complex vocabulary are to be strictly avoided as these might hamper the understanding of readers.

Mind the loading times:

Once the website has the attention of the audience, make sure it loads fast. If the website takes too long to open up, this might discourage the customers from returning back to it. In most cases, the audience won’t be patient enough to wait for long and the website may lose a chance to grow even before opening up.

Work on the navigation:

No one likes a clumsy webpage with unnecessary pop-ups, uncomfortable navigation, disorganized content and meddling web objects. All these would be a big turn-off for tentative customers. So, try to be gentle when it comes to asking for subscriptions. Paying adequate attention to organize the website’s content and easing the navigation should be a top priority move to earn better conversion ratios.

All the top 5 tips explained above can significantly improve the quality score. This would make PPC and SEO services to give better ROIs.


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